Writing with Light

The Churches and Chapels of San Miguel de Allende
(E&R Publications, 1997)

There are nearly 300 churches and chapels in San Miguel de Allende, an astonishing number considering the size of this tiny town, founded in 1542. Hundreds are scattered throughout the countryside, yet none more than a dozen miles from the well-known La Parroquia in the center of San Miguel. Most of the churches date back to the early 18th and 19th centuries; many are of great historical importance—and all are fascinating.
Author and photographer Robert de Gast offers an illuminating account of the architecture of this historically significant part of Mexico, and tenders a fascinating photographic essay with more than 80 beautiful color pictures. It is with a boundless sense of discovery and an admiration for the beauty of these churches and chapels that this book has been created.

Out of print. Check with Amazon.com for used copies.

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